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Vacation Club Points

Vacation Club Points

We arrange Vacation Club and Destinations Club points transfers between owners.

If you're planning a trip that requires more points than you own, don't get trapped into increasing your ownership, just "rent" the extra points you need from an owner who has them to spare.

It's only 74 cents per point! No maintenance fees. No long-term commitment.

It's a very easy process usually completed same business day

  1. Call us at (530) 545-3063 up to 7pm PT or email
  2. We will confirm your order and match you with another owner
  3. Marriott will also send a confirmation of the transfer
  4. Use the points as normal for that Use Year

Important Things to Understand

  • We are not Marriott and not affiliated with Marriott. We are helping connect owners
  • We do not make or sell VCP reservations, that's up to you to complete
  • Once transferred, it is your responsibility to use the points or lose them if they expire
  • Availability at your desired location is not guaranteed
  • Points transfers are non-refundable and non-reversible
  • Points that have been transferred cannot be transferred again, banked or borrowed
  • Points that have been transferred are locked to that owner in that Use Year